Saturday, April 17, 2004

Slashdot | Making Science and Math Kid Friendly?: "Posted by Cliff on 02:42 PM -- Saturday April 17 2004
from the improving-education dept.
mtspim asks: 'I work for a non-profit organization that creates interactive math and science curriculum materials for kids and their instructors. Even though we have seen kids learn difficult topic more easily by using a computational approach to learning, most instructors are reluctant to introduce these new ways of thinking into their curriculum. What do Slashdot users think are the best ways to help revitalize math and science programs in our schools, or should we stick to the old conventional methods to learning?'


Thursday, April 15, 2004

Educational Simulations Products: "Educational Simulations presents Real Lives 2004, the life simulation that gives you the opportunity to learn how people really live in other countries.

Real Lives 2004 is a truly unique, content rich and empathy-building real world, real life simulation that challenges your life skills (not your hand-eye coordination) as you make difficult, high-stakes choices that lead to your success, or failure.

You might be born anyone, anywhere on Earth. You might die as an infant, you might make it to old age. You might be able to marry the person of your dreams, and have a rewarding job, or you could be stuck in poverty. Be born, live an exciting life, and die. Then do it again. And again. Learn about the world as you live your Real Lives around the world, one life-altering decision at a time.

Experience life as a:

• Peasant farmer in Bangladesh
• Factory worker in Brazil
• Policeman in Nigeria
• Lawyer in the United States
• Computer operator in Poland

or any of thousands more ...

Through statistically accurate events, Real Lives brings to life different cultures, political systems, economic opportunities, personal decisions, health issues, family issues, schooling, jobs, religions, geography, war, peace, and more. As your students make decisions for their characters and experience the consequences of those decisions they will learn about the world and gain an increased appreciation of their own culture and the cultures of other peoples.

The interactive software, carefully chosen Internet links, suggested classroom activities, and projects make Real Lives an exciting part of your secondary social sciences curriculum.
Both a fantastic opportunity and an incredible challenge, Real Lives 2004 makes the world come alive on a personal and global level, one life at a time, right on your desktop!"

Friday, April 02, 2004

Current Chaos Manor mail: "Hi. It's not clear from the site but Lucas Learning was shut down a about a year or so ago. My wife was an instructional designer there. She was really excited by the mission of the company. But it turned out to be a little too much like a lot of dot coms here in northern CA. Visionary leader, dedicated staff, and horrendous middle management.

Still, there is a lot of good content in many of their products. I spent several weekends playing through all the Pit Droids levels, and I don't even really like those types of puzzle games.

On another topic, I'm a recent mac convert, but coming from the linux side. I'm a software developer and gave up on windows after mozilla 1.0 came out. I have little use for any of the tools in Office so a workable web browser was the only thing holding me back. I then switched to the mac when I got a chance to try os x on a friends iMac. It was everything I hoped linux would become."

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