Sunday, April 03, 2005

Math help for U.S. kids may come from India  

Math help for U.S. kids may come from India : "The failure of some American students to master math is adding up to big bucks for tutoring companies in India.

A little-known provision in the federal No Child Left Behind law allows federal taxpayer dollars to flow to online tutoring services thousands of miles and several times zones away in places like New Delhi and Calcutta. Those services typically contract with U.S. tutoring firms, which provide them the computer software and set the lesson plan.

Few would begrudge using public money to give struggling students extra help. During the last school year, more than 3,500 Ohio students who attend schools that failed to show adequate improvement took advantage of the chance to hire an outside tutor.

But some U.S. teachers decry the offering of instruction to Indian firms that pay full-time, college-educated tutors as little as $230 a month. They also complain that while the law requires teachers to be fully certified, private tutors have no such requirement."
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