Saturday, September 04, 2004

Digital Media Courseware 

Courseware: Hernando Barragán / Mauricio Giraldo.

A multi-purpose courseware web engine based on php/html/mysql. It is based on previous courseware experiences done for classes at the MIT Media Lab, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and Processing workshops.

Installation instructions
This installation assumes you have a linux server with apache web server, php, and mysql database installed. The courseware once installed allows you to create as many courses as you need, every course web site will be individually located and customized.
Installation requirements:
PHP 4.x
MySQL 4.x
PHP must be compiled with the --enable-ftp option
The PEAR HTTP upload library installed
Download the file:
move the file to the right location and extract the file, this will create a set of files and directories needed for the setup. Remember that this location should be available on-line for people to have access to the web sites created.
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