Monday, September 06, 2004

About AIT 

About AIT: "The Agency for Instructional Technology has been a leader in educational technology since 1962. A nonprofit organization, AIT is one of the largest providers of instructional TV programs in North America. AIT is also a leading developer of other educational media, including

online instruction
instructional software

AIT learning resources are used on six continents and reach nearly 34 million students in North America each year.
AIT products have received many national and international honors, including an Emmy and Peabody award.

Created by Educators for Educators
AIT’s products are based on sound instructional design. Classroom practitioners are closely involved in the development of every resource.
AIT’s board of directors includes leaders from both the education and business communities.

A Pioneer in Consortium Funding
Since 1970, AIT has developed 39 major curriculum packages through the consortium process it pioneered. American state and Canadian provincial agencies have cooperatively funded and widely used these learning resources. Funding for other product development comes from state, provincial, and local departments of education; federal and private institutions; corporations and private sponsors; and AIT’s own resources.

Leading the Reform Discussion
AIT is also the home of TECHNOS Press. The press has published An Interactive Guidebook for Designing Education in the 21st Century, by Jerrold E. Kemp, Ed.D., and The Complete Handbook of Block Scheduling, by Thomas L. Shortt, Ed.D., and Yvonne V. Thayer, Ed.D."
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