Sunday, August 22, 2004

Web Search Garage: "Principles of Internet Searching
Onions. Salt Grains. Reinvented Wheels. What do they have to do with searching the Internet? The principles of Internet search will give you strategies to do your searching efficiently, no matter what search engine or other search resources you're using.

Web Search Garage will teach you to:

-- Narrow your searches to get a managable number of results, while still finding what you want.
-- Find experts and preexisting research for the topics in which you're interested.
-- Evaluate search resources for credibility.
-- Discover new resources and search engines relevant to the topics in which you're interested.

'I have to do research each week for my nationally syndicated newspaper column. Over the years, I felt I knew many of the tricks to minimize wasting time while looking for great information on the Internet. After reading just one hour of 'Web Search Garage' I have discovered my search methods and techniques are about as productive of using a rock to hammer a nail. Web Search Garage will save me hundreds of hours of time and allow me to discover jewels of information that other people lose among the thousands of pages of Web Search results.'
-- Tim Carter, AsktheBuilder.com

Information on Topical Searching
In addition to the principles of Internet searching, Web Search Garage also takes a close look at Yahoo and Google, as well as other useful but not as heralded search engines. And the final section of the book covers various common search scenarios for which people use the Internet, including:

-- Genealogy
-- Medical and Drug Information
-- Kid-safe Searching
-- Ready-Reference
-- Local to International Levels of Information

'From the queen of web research, this book give you everything you need to know to actually find what you're looking for on the web. This book is so useful, it's scary. It's the only book I actually keep on my desk, next to my PC.'
-- Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services

One Book and Lots of Bonuses
Buy a copy of Web Search Garage and you'll get a free six-month subscription to ResearchBuzz Extra, Tara Calishain's extension to ResearchBuzz with more resources, more news, and a free weekly article about Web searching and related topics."
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