Thursday, August 26, 2004

Apple Remote Desktop 2 'well worth the money' - Computerworld: "ARD 2 also offers a screen sharing option. This feature was present in version 1.2, but is worthy of mention again. This is not your standard screen share, where a sysadmin can show his screen to an end user. That existed before. What the ARD 2 screen share option allows is for the administrator to share someone else's screen with other users. For instance, if you are in a classroom and you want to show all the students what a single student is doing, then this is your application! This has great ramifications for training.

The screen share feature only works for Mac OS X clients. To do screen sharing, you need to have some intelligence on the client side to receive the screens. Standard VNC server software does not have that capability.

Remember, this also works with VNC-enabled clients, and is therefore useful on Linux and Windows boxes also."
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