Sunday, June 20, 2004

Robotic Nation Evidence: "5.23.2004
Robots grading essay questions
You would think that 'grading essay questions' is something that computers would not be doing anytime soon. Yet they are already doing it now. And students prefer robotic graders to human graders.

Indiana Essays Being Graded by Computers

From the article:

Craig was one of 48,500 Indiana juniors gathering in high schools across the state to take the end-of-year online English essay test. Unlike most essay tests, however, this one is being graded not by a teacher but by a computer.

Craig has already decided he prefers computer grading. 'Teachers, you know, they're human, so they have to stumble around telling you what you need to do,' he said at a practice session. 'A computer can put it in fine print what you did wrong and how to fix it.'


To dispel skepticism over computer scoring, student essays were simultaneously graded by a computer and trained readers during a two-year pilot program. Using artificial intelligence to mimic the grading process of human readers, the computer's automated scoring engine, known as e-rater, generated grades on a six-point scale that were virtually identical to those of the readers.

Teachers -- like doctors and nurses, truck drivers and pilots -- are expensive. So there is huge economic pressure to eliminate them. This new grading technology will advance rapidly, and its combination with computer-based training and robotic teachers will lead to the elimination of several million teaching jobs by 2020 or so.

The fascinating question is this: what will the millions of teachers, truck drivers, nurses and pilots do in this new robotic economy once they lose their jobs?
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