Saturday, June 12, 2004

Classroom Resources - free PowerPoint presentations and handouts from Patrick Crispen: "Since 1995, Patrick Crispen has been an invited speaker at numerous technology conferences around the country. The following are just a few of Patrick's most recent PowerPoint presentations which you are free to download and use provided that

1. You not make any money from these presentations, and
2. You give credit where credit is due.

For information on how to unzip and view these presentations, please visit http://netsquirrel.com/classroom/zip.html. To inquire about having Patrick Crispen speak at your conference, school, or business, please send an email to crispen@netsquirrel.com

Behind the Spinning Hourglass: The Deepest, Darkest Secrets of Your PC's Internet Applications (3.39 Mb)

Everyone has a copy of Internet Explorer, Real Player, Adobe Acrobat, and countless other Internet applications. But do you really know how to tame these beasties and make them do EXACTLY what you want them to do? In this one hour workshop we'll take a peek behind the scenes of your favorite Internet applications and show you some of the best kept tips, tricks, and secrets from bookmarklets to the joy of IE's links bar to stealing text from Acrobat files. We'll even show you how to tweak AOL Instant Messenger so that it no longer scares the living heck out of you when you get a new message.

Exciting PC Technology for the Classroom (1.41 Mb)

This quick, one-hour workshop introduces you to some of the most exciting PC-based technology available to educators today (sorry Mac users!). From tools that help you easily create teaching videos to special plug-ins that significantly enhance your PowerPoint presentations, this workshop is for any PC user interested in learning more about some of the new technology that can improve your students' classroom experience and even create positive learning outcomes.

Google 101: Stop Searching and Start FINDING (1.57 Mb)

Sick and tired of looking for information about the Civil War and ending up with 1,247,672,286 hits for stuff like sheet metal fasteners or naked pictures of Ernest Borgnine? This presentation is for you! In this one hour presentation you'll learn the advanced searching tips and techniques that will help you actually FIND what you are looking for on Google."

and more........
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