Saturday, June 19, 2004

Animation Training: "Classic animation training would maximize the value of our investment in technology as it provides a cross-disciplinary curriculum that involves elements of writing, art, math, and science in a team-building environment.

Solid animation training would provide the kids with a way to express themselves that they could have only imagined. Training in classic animation theory and technique brings many benefits. Training kids in the art of storytelling, story boarding, and animation principles will allow them to become better communicators. We've been living in the animated age since the days of Steamboat Willie. In today's world, it's impossible to escape animation as you go about your daily life. And unfortunately, it's become impossible to escape bad animation, as well--just think about how many horrid Power Point presentations you've had to sit through ...

If your local school district offers animation training, I offer a tip of the hat. But if they don't, let me offer some insight on how you can take the topic of animation training into your own hands."
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