Monday, March 29, 2004

Commentary, March 5, 2004 :Back in April, we heard from Susan Kawa and featured her here on the page. She now informs us of the developments in a project she's involved in, one that the JREF applauds:

I mentioned to you at TAM2 that while all-out activism is important to some, that I'd taken a gentler tack with skepticism — by volunteering to write grants for my kids' (public) elementary school science program. After a few successes in the $500 range, we just heard yesterday that we have been awarded the Toyota Tapestry Grant for Science. It's a biggie: $10,000!

With these funds, we will be building a "Mars Biosphere" 40ft-diameter dome-shaped greenhouse — a fun laboratory to study hydroponics, tray gardens, and entomology in the context of space travel. Just thought you'd like to know that the seeds of rationalism the JREF has planted in my mind will affect hundreds of children in my community, and that this middle-aged woman rejects anyone's assumption of who may be a likely advocate of the JREF message.

You can find Susan at www.mommarama.com
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