Friday, January 02, 2004

Which advantages do balloon molecules have?

- visually impressive molecule models
- they can be used in various ways and situations
- low price
- easy to learn
- available any time due to your own work
- learning with fun
- easy, flexible, big models
The origin of balloon molecules

Modelling balloons are known first of all as a toy or in form of balloon sculptures. But there are other possibilities….. On this web site we would like to show you how to use modelling balloons to build chemical molecules. Basically you only need balloons, a pump and some imagination. The knots you need are shown here.

Sometimes you will see entertainers on the streets who make little poodles out of balloons. Some street entertainers can create several figures but very often their repertoire is limited. Because of this shortage of many street entertainers' possible sculptures you could think that this skill is difficult to learn. That is not true. Within a couple of minutes the skill of the 'poodle knot' can be learned. The knotting techniques for more complicated structures can be learned quickly: After a couple of days in which you practise knotting for about one hour, you are able to model complex structures. Modelling balloons can very well be employed to visualise complex chemical structures and could therefore be used by professors and lecturers at universities or teachers at schools for a better presentation and explanation.
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