Friday, December 19, 2003

The Vinny Awards : "Combine skills in research and writing with teamwork and creativity to win prizes and recognition.

Named after Leonardo da Vinci, the VinnyTM is an award for the best one-minute videos explaining how Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics can help solve common global problems.

The VinnyTM Awards is a contest to produce a one minute video that explains how Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics (STEM) is being used or can be used to help solve a global problem. Exam ples of such problems include pollution or food distribution. Teams of students work with a teacher and a mentor to research a global problem and ways that STEM is or can be used to help solve the problem. You might want to pick a problem that has an im pact on your community or is of concern to you and people you know. The team then brainstorms about how to explain the problem and solution to 4th graders with a video, and then produces the video. The team submits the video and other materials. Sometime in the Spring of 2004, CNU will announce the winners and award prizes.

Teams must be composed of students from who are all within the same grade range (Elementary, Middle, or High School). For example, a middle school team would have students from grades 6-8 only. The videos can be produced in either English or Span ish. This means there are six categories, each with a prize. "
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