Friday, December 26, 2003

Futurekids Home Page FUTUREKIDS was founded in 1983 with the express purpose of equipping children with the basic computer skills needed to excel in school and in the workplace. In 1989, after testing and refining our Computer Mastery Program, FUTUREKIDS began the process of creating a worldwide network of computer Learning Centers. To date, FUTUREKIDS has operations in over 70 countries and provides computer literacy training in over 2,000 locations.

Tremendous growth and the global success of our educational methodology lead us to broaden the scope of our services. FUTUREKIDS School Technology Solutions arose from the demand for comprehensive technology programs from public and private schools throughout the world. As these institutions turned to private industry for technical guidance, FUTUREKIDS assumed a leading role in defining educational standards for technology instruction within schools.

The parents of our young students were eager to develop their computer skills at home as well as on the job. To address the growing need for personalized adult computer literacy training, FUTUREKIDS created course offerings designed specifically for adults. These classes have been so well received that in some Learning Centers across the globe adults outnumber the children.

The breadth of FUTUREKIDS success results from a unique teaching philosophy: students of all ages learn best in an interactive, creative environment that enables them to explore, challenge and discover. Our students, regardless of the learning environment, receive hands-on instruction at the computer and are grouped into small classes to ensure a high level of personalized attention.

Another key to our success is that we make technology relevant to people's everyday lives. Integrated, theme-based projects require students to use higher analytical thinking skills as well as the full range of the computer's capability.
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