Saturday, September 17, 2005

NYC School Chancellor: Reality Check- When does the idiocy end? 

An Educational Voyage!:
Sir, it is time for a real hard reality check for you and your administrators.

Please show NYC teachers a floor plan of an honestly functional 'typical size' NYC classroom that has:

30-35 desks and chairs - arranged in cooperative groups (remember- larger children have larger furniture)

A teacher's desk and chair

A work space for an Educational Assistant. All adults deserve a chair. You have a chair, don't you?
The Famous Rocking Chair

A Classroom Library with a little space to browse.

Usable Reading, Math, Writing, and Science 'Centers' that are not so crammed together that only one child at a time can fit at them.
A Word Wall

A Bulletin Board wall

A Chalk Board Wall

A Wall with Windows and
A Computer area

that allows a logical traffic flow that teachers and children can move around in comfortably. NYC school buildings were just not built for the class sizes we have today. 15-18 child classes are few nd far between. Ah, yes, and what about the classroom with double exposure- 2 walls of windows? That's a whole other problem. It's time for a reality check!"

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